2017 04 10

published 10 Apr 2017

Bringing you the latest in lazer progress!

Component Refactoring

Refactored all UI components to use Bindable<T> for their values (via IHasCurrentValue<T>. Making all UI components conform to using one variable name makes it easier to use them without fumbling around for things like SelectedItem, Value or Text. This also unifies event handling logic to a single location and simplifies binding to UI controls from configuration or other components.

Retry via hotkey

Code review and minor modifications of retry via hotkey support.

Playfield aspect and sizing improvements

Paired with smoogipooo on further taiko/playfield modifications to allow for custom aspect scaling and clamping, as well as overriding support (for cases like a tournament spectating client where we want the play area to be very specifically defined on the screen).

This is taking up a lot of our time recently, but we are thinking forward to what will be required of other game modes and tackling problems ahead of time. There should be significant payoff down the track. We are also carving out an environment which should allow custom game modes not just the bootstrapping and scaffolding to just-work, but also the flexibility to customise anything they may need to.

New release with all the above

2017.410.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!