2017 04 11

published 11 Apr 2017

Bringing you the latest in lazer progress!

Results screen

One of the few elements of “osu!next” design we haven’t yet made public is the results screen. I’ve been working on this in the background whenever I get time, and am almost ready to reveal the first iteration. Keep in mind this will still be missing some design elements which we need to add more framework support to make work.

Part of the work I did today was a refactor on loading rankings into a leaderboard, as we will be reusing the leaderboard display on the results screen.

You want a preview? Ok, fine.

New HUD design

While the visual effects aren’t in yet, I’ve started moving the HUD elements to the correct place on screen. This include finally moving the combo from the bottom-left location. Keep in mind you’ll be able to customise all of this.

Beatmap details at song select

jorolf has been working away on the beatmap details panel which will sit in song select. I’ve been reviewing the code and trying to mould it into a usable state and I think we’re almost there. You should see this live very very soon.

Fixes galore

  • No more crashes when clicking the “restart after update” notification. You won’t see this until the build after the next build, obviously.
  • Fix combo being incremented twice in osu! mode. THis was a regression caused by the work we did on game mode modularity for osu!taiko.
  • Fix off-screen transforms sometimes not being applied correctly. I’m not sure if this was visible in normal game execution, but we’ve triggered it a few times in test cases.
  • Adjust cursor appear/disappear animations. They took too long and looked a bit cheesy before.
  • Improvements to transition when retrying or leaving play mode. Minor changes, but things should look a lot smoother now (mainly from hiding the broken gameplay cursor).

No release today

Unfortunately there was no one available to review my code so there won’t be a new build going out today.

For those that haven’t been following, we are enforcing strict code review guidelines which means that no build can be published without one other core developer approving it. Currently there are only three of us with the knowledge of the larger picture (and how the framework works inside-out) but I hope to add more people to this group as they pick up the project and become adept at identifying potential issues with peoples’ code.

Spring fan art contest

Entries for the fan art contest we announced recently have closed and the results are up for voting. There is some amazing work, so I urge you to go check it out.