2017 04 12

published 12 Apr 2017

Bringing you the latest in osu! development

Sliderbar sound improvements

Fixed sliderbars making sounds when they shouldn’t, and added extent-specific sounds, so you know when you’ve hit the end (minimum or maximum) value of a setting.

Beatmap details page goes live!

After an arduously long code review, things are finally in a usable state. Note that there is code present for online stats, but as the API isn’t yet prepared to send those to the client they are not yet visible. You can see a preview in my post yesterday.

Fixes galore

  • Fixed a long-standing issue in OpenTK where the game window would receive keyboard input when it wasn’t focused. This generally happened when the window was not focused at startup.
  • Added more searchable fields at song select (tags, source). #621
  • Fix crash when typing in chat overlay while not logged in. #620
  • BufferedContainers no longer run needless updates on their children when they are in a cached state. framework #637

New release with all the above (and changes from yesterday)

2017.412.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!