2017 04 17

published 17 Apr 2017

Back at you with another week of updates!

Rulesets are now completely modular

Until now, adding a new ruleset (previously known as a game mode) required manually changing the osu.Game project in many places. Now the registration and tracking of rulesets is completely automatic. For the time being, any ruleset following the standard naming structure (osu.Game.Rulesets.Taiko.dll for instance) will be loaded at startup. This will likely change going forward, but it’s a step up from what we had.

This is part of the ongoing refactoring to make things as flexible as possible, so implementing future game modes can be done seamlessly. It should make those few people out there working on their own rulesets very happy too, as they no longer need to maintain custom forks of the main project to load their modes for testing.

Continuing on this path, smoogipooo is working on the conversion system between multiple rulesets. We are working towards a point where conversion is possible on two directions, based on defining some basic conditions which are required before conversion can take place. This should be ready over the next few days, completing this refactor.

Quite a bit of work to make this happen. Didn’t get much else done today!

No release today

While there’s a few bugfixes that could have been pushed out, I’m hoping to get these modular changes in before doing the next build.