2017 04 18

published 18 Apr 2017

Quite a bit to cover today!

Optimised player retry logic

Until now, when triggering a retry during play the game would actually be nesting a new screen inside the old player. While this was a very easy way to implement retry logic quickly, it also cause what could be classified as a memory leak if you retry too many times.

ocboogie is a new contributor who has been working over the past few days on fixing this problem. With a bit of guidance he succeeded in improving this process by a fair amount.

I also took the opportunity to clean up the transitions a bit (a touch faster metadata display too, for those of you complaining about having to wait the whole two seconds it displayed for).

Song rankings no longer display

If you’ve been using lazer, you may have noticed that online beatmap rankings are no longer being displayed. This is due to some changes in the backend API that I’ve been working through with nekodex which got pushed live today. The API changes will allow for things like country flags, mods and more to also be displayed.

I will be working on bringing the lazer code up-to-date with these changes tomorrow.

Conversion engine updates

smoogipooo has been hard at work on following up the modular rulesets with better support for converting between rulesets. This allows for some awesome possibilities, like converting from mania to taiko.

Song progress refactor

The song progress bar that has been sitting at the bottom of the play interface since last week was actually quite restricted in how it could be used. You couldn’t change the vertical height, it couldn’t be displayed in any location other than the bottom of the screen and it had a fixed height.

I took a fair amount of time today refactoring it to be more flexible and re-usable, primarily to make it also work on the results screen. In this refactor I also fixed the display to correctly scale the the maximum density value, where before it would just clip higher values off the display (causing 100% filled displays on harder maps).

Results screen

We’re almost there. While the design is not yet fully realised, the remaining elements are going to take some more work on the framework (masking and shaders). As such, I’ve submitted my results screen code for review and we should be seeing this go live this week, all going well!

Here’s another preview showing the latest improvements.

Smaller stuff

  • Taiko barlines have had some bug fixes applied. There’s still some outstanding taiko fixes which should arrive this week.
  • Autoplay now activates the key counter’s animation more like a real player would. Basically auto now has a key-up delay, rather than having perfect 0ms key presses. You should be able to see this change in the last video above.

No release today

Tomorrow, I’d say. There’s gonna be plenty of new stuff in the next build!