2017 04 19

published 19 Apr 2017

Chat is now working in both directions

Gave chat a bit of attention so people using lazer can begin to discuss things in-game. Currently chat is limited to a new #lazer channel, which is only accessible from the lazer client.

private API refactoring continues

Working with the osu-web team to bring all the data required by the client into the client. This included a few chat fix-ups for the feature above, along with changes to the structure of scores to allow for receiving score data in a way that is ruleset-agnostic.

Oh, and leaderboard score retrieving is now working again!

Results screen received continued work

While it’s in a stable state, it won’t be arriving this build. Let’s hope it’s in tomorrow. You can see that it now displays hit counts as you’d expect, at least!

Minor changes

  • The song progress display has received some fixes to stop it crashing with some maps.
  • The accuracy display on the leaderboard now shows percentages, not decimals.
  • TextBox received some fixes to better handle a read-only state.
  • osu!lazer will no longer crash when it fails to read values from a config file.

New release available!

2017.419.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!

Note that this release will reset your beatmaps as we have restructured the client’s database extensively for modular ruleset support. Please re-import your maps. Also let me say again that the results screen won’t be in until the next build, as it is still under review.

Thanks for following along!