2017 04 24

published 24 Apr 2017

Beatmap info wedge design update

Some minor (but long overdue) changes to the beatmap info wedge



What changed?

  • Coloured bar on the left represents the difficulty level at a quick glance.
  • The source and artist are in the correct place now.
  • The weird double-dash is replaced with an em-dash as expected.

Note that this isn’t the final design still (there’s a lot more refinements that are waiting in the todo list!), so keep an open mind for the time being!

Online metrics are now loaded

You will now be able to see beatmap fail/retry times and online ratings if you are logged in. They are cached only until you exit song select once, but will definitely be cached for longer in the future. You’ll notice the display dim while it’s fetching new values from the intertubes.

The last tab you were viewing at song select is now also remembered between startups.

Rigid body physics

Tom94 seems to have gotten a bit restless while on vacation and implemented the basics of rigid body physics simulation in osu-framework (see #656)! I won’t even begin to pretend that I understand the math behind this, but the implementation looks pretty solid.

Not sure how often we will use this in the case of osu!, but at very least the fail animations could be a lot more interesting than before!

Other things

  • Music control regression fixed (wasn’t changing songs) #667.
  • Visual Studio Code CLR debug support added (now a viable alternative to visual studio on windows) #666.
  • Fix regression causing menu cursor to stick to screen edges #664.
  • Decrease memory traffic in the thread scheduler#657.
  • Linux clipboard support added (read-only for now) #653.
  • Slider repeat sounds are now correctly reproduced #662.
  • The beginning of localisation support is now in at a framework level #651.

No release today

Let’s wait another day so the above changes can be completely reviewed and added!