2017 04 28

published 28 Apr 2017

Song select performance

I spent some time today addressing the stuttering performance at song select. Being the centre of osu!, song select is important to get right. There are a lot of piece working together, so it’s essential to get the threading and debouncing logic correct from the get-go.

The changes I worked on today improve performance when quickly selecting multiple beatmaps (especially when using the arrow keys), as well as begin cleaning up the event flow of panel selection which was quite convoluted until now.

Improved lead-in time support

There were still a few remaining issues with lead-in time which have now been resolved. As of the next release all maps with any amount of lead-in should be playable, finally!

Other things

No release today!

Waiting to get a few more pull requests merged before pushing out the next build.

Oh and you may have noticed I skipped a day’s blog yesterday. While I will try and keep up daily blogs, I am not holding myself to it. I regularly need to take breaks from coding to catch up on email, accounting, support, etc. so keep that in mind if you don’t hear from me for a period of time :).