2017 05 04

published 04 May 2017

Further performance optimisations

Falling down the rabbit hole of optimising, I found and fixed a few hot paths in the code (involving texture lookups and loading) to improve overall performance and reduce potential stuttering. Got a few more areas that I have identified as issues, but solutions will take a bit longer to implement. More on that in coming posts.

Options refactor

Until now, there has been no central display container for UI controls within the options menu. Each different control type (checkbox, sliderbar, dropdown etc.) had their own implementation. While this looked fine from the outside, it meant that we couldn’t easily implement, for instance, the yellow revert-to-defaults glow that you are likely familiar with on osu-stable.

So I spent some time today getting everything in shape, to give options even more power and pave the way for adding searchability and more extensive tooltips to them.

No release today!

Waiting on further review and merging before I push another build out.