2017 05 11

published 11 May 2017

A few days without a post. Alas, I’ve been busy with the AX announcement, accounting and general catching-up. There’s also quite a bit of lazer progress to cover!

Chat tabs

I completed basic support for subscribing to multiple chat channels today. While you can’t choose which channels you join (they are hard-coded) and can only post in #lazer due to API limitations, this is a step forward towards having fully flexible chat.

Searchable options

Back on parity with osu-stable.

Other things

  • Fixed occasional unexpected logouts (oauth refresh token wasn’t correctly being read from config) #736.
  • Fixed chat textbox not always keeping focus #735.
  • The osu!mania implementation is going smoothly. More on that from smoogi tomorrow, maybe!
  • Fix for global hotkeys (like alt-enter) not working when a textbox has focus #706.

No release today

Would’ve, could’ve, but there’s a regression I’d like to fix before pushing anything out.