2017 05 12

published 12 May 2017

Better chat tabs

I finished implementing most of the updates to the chat design today #741.

More song progress information

Can now see time elapsed, time remaining and percentage complete, thanks to some work by Evast.

Other things

  • You can now hit enter after typing a search in the playlist controller to play the first match #722.
  • Regression fix for ruleset not always getting populated in a WorkingBeatmap #743.
  • Added the ability to search options #728.
  • Resizable chat #740.
  • Multiple chat channels #739.
  • Fixed occasional unexpected logouts (oauth refresh token wasn’t correctly being read from config) #736.
  • Fixed chat textbox not always keeping focus #735.
  • The osu!mania implementation is going smoothly. More on that from smoogi tomorrow, maybe!
  • Fix for global hotkeys (like alt-enter) not working when a textbox has focus #706.

New release available

2017.512.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)! Contains everything from the last couple of days.