2017 05 15

published 15 May 2017

A short update today. Working through a whole heap of stuff too mundane or incomplete to post here. I’ll include a couple of previews though.

Added osu! logo shockwave

While tending to some frame-level imperfections, I noticed we had yet to add the little shockwave when the osu! logo impacts the menu. Subtle but most definitely required.

Chat error messages

A lot of people have been trying to type chat commands. Rather than sending these to the public chat, an error is now returned.

I started to figure out how we can do local echo of messages (so you aren’t waiting for a server response to see your own messages), but this requires a bit more thinking before I’m willing to implement it. Gotta do things right this time around after all!

Other things

  • Internally renamed options (as in the overlay that appears from the left of the screen) to settings to standardise terminology #754 / #711.
  • The cursor will now follow the circle size of the current beatmap if you wish it to do so #749.
  • Spinners now correctly match beatmap’s OD #748.
  • Fix for settings not correctly being applied in real-time #713.

New release available

2017.515.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)! Mostly just bugfixes this time around (doesn’t include the aforementioned WIP stuff).