2017 05 16

published 16 May 2017

Quite some good progress today! Let’s dive into it.

On Screen Display

No longer will you be confused when you accidentally hit a hotkey that changes game-wide settings. Introducing the new OSD which will reveal changes as you make them.

Currently this is for game-wide settings (resolution, screen mode, frame limiter, audio device, debug console) but going forward the same interface will be used during gameplay to let you know when things like mouse buttons have been disabled, scroll speeds have changed, etc.

Mania doesn’t crash any more!

smoogipooo has been hard at work on mania, to the point it now displays maps to some extent. Note that it is not yet playable, but you can pretend to play at least. Also Ctrl +/- are available to change the scroll speed.

Design isn’t final, colours aren’t final, all the usual disclaimers. There will be a more detailed post with visuals once we’re happy with it, but you can go check it out by loading a mania map if you wish to do so.

new.ppy.sh is no more

Thanks to a lot of hard work from the web team, we are making good progress on the new version of the website to the point we’re happy to announce that the domains have been merged. You should be automatically redirected from the new subdomain to the main one if you have been using it until now.

Going forward, we will be switching pages on one at a time as they are ready to be used. You can always manually make the switch (though some pages are not yet available) by using this link or just visiting new.ppy.sh (it’ll redirect you over).

Other things

  • Gameplay pauses when the osu! window loses focus #762.
  • Fix for skip button also seeking when watching a replay #762.
  • Fix duplicate channels being created on connection loss #764.
  • Improve the appearance of chat tabs when transitions from active to inactive #761.
  • Fix requesting too many chat messages on initial connect (and sometimes the wrong ones) #760.
  • Fixed hover states not getting updates until the mouse is moved. This was visible on the osu! logo at the main menu if you clicked it without moving your mouse (it would remain in a hovered state) #715.
  • Add transform helpers for manipulation specifically of width or height #717.

New release available

2017.516.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!