2017 05 18

published 18 May 2017

Quite some good progress today! Let’s dive into it.

Updated spinner design

The lazer spinner design was nothing short of temporary. It was laggy to boot. Today I spent a great deal of time realising flyte’s newer design in full detail. Take a look at it isolated:

and in a map:

Note that due to some deficiencies in our framework regarding how glows are rendered, the colours are not correct and not final. It will look much more vibrant once these issues are addressed:

Other things

  • Moved all pause logic into a new container, improving reliability and cleaning up the code a lot #783.
  • Fix and simplify pause logic and possible race conditions #782.
  • Fix song select reverting to first difficulty of current group on entering #778.
  • Fix global hotkeys not always working #780.
  • Fix channels being unnecessarily recycled on disconnect #774.
  • The log overlay now works as intended #721.

New release available

2017.518.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!