2017 05 19

published 19 May 2017

Updated skip button design

The skip button was sitting in a weird place on the screen, so we decided to throw it away and start fresh. The new one features a countdown bar and a much larger hit area. It also gets out of your way when you’re busy watching amazing storyboards.

Note that the sound effect is missing in this video for whatever reason. Go download lazer if you wanna try it yourself :).

Other things

  • Visual fixes for OSD when displaying audio device names #803.
  • Add setting checkbox to toggle debug logs #802.
  • Basic mania beatmap conversion framework #788.
  • Fix audio beginning to play when potentially paused due to window becoming unfocused #799.
  • Fix audio seeking unnecessarily when entering play mode in certain cases #797.
  • Add support for searching beatmap author at song select #796.
  • Fixes for auto mod not hitting stacks of notes correctly on certain maps #787.
  • Fix incorrect handling of scheduled task cancelling when many cancels are issued in a short span #731.
  • Fix control key not working for some textbox shortcuts where it should #728.
  • Fix mouse cursor visually sticking to the edge of the game window (again) #727.

New release available

2017.520.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!