2017 05 29

published 29 May 2017

It feels like it’s been an eternity since we last talked! I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed with everything that’s been going on.

Triangles are now more efficient

smoogipooo and Tom94 pair programmed a new implementation of triangle patterns. Since these are displayed everywhere in lazer, it is one of the areas that definitely required some optimisation.

Performance improvements upwards of 20% can be observed when many triangles were displayed on the screen at once.

Scroll drifting fixes

When scrolling beyond the bounds of a scrollable view, it was possible for the cursor to become misaligned. This has been fixed in both the generic ScrollContainer and the ChatOverlay, which has a slightly custom drag mechanic which was also drifting.

New animation when changing between mods

Thanks to jorolf for the concept.

osu!mania is getting more complete

smoogipooo has been busy making continuous progress on mania. Here’s a little preview of how things are going!

Auto isn’t quite there yet, but it is already quite playable in the release builds :). Holds are now in, along with very basic judgement.

Framework maintenance

There was also some substantial work done by myself and Tom94 to clean up input handling at a Drawable level in the framework. Drawables are no longer aware of their parent InputManager, as they don’t need to be. One more step in the right direction for the framework!

Other things

  • DrabWeb made a breadcrumb control, which will make an appearance in future in-game UI #865.
  • Linux mouse input is no longer handled when the window is not in focus #761.
  • The back button now bounces in time with the active beatmap #848.
  • The hotkey for drawings was changed to Shift-Alt-D as to not conflict with osu!direct #867.
  • Fixed a few potential hard-crashes when failing to load a beatmap #862.
  • When first loading the music controller, it no longer slides in, instead already being in the correct initial state #856.

New release available

2017.529.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)!