published 21 Jul 2017

This post was supposed to go up on friday but completely slipped my mind! Plowing forward with lazer progress, amongst other things.

10th anniversary packs available!

During Anime Expo, we were gleefully handing out over 2,000 sticker/postcard/pin sets as part of our presence. We saved a small number for those who couldn’t make it but want to get a share of the amazing designs that were featured. You can now pick one up for around $6 including shipping (we’re basically selling at no profit) from the store, while stocks last!


I spent a lot of this week fixing bugs and tidying up important paths in the codebase. The main focus was handling of the currently loaded beatmap, covering state changes as selections are made at song select, in the music controller (via the playlist) and what happens when there are no available beatmaps due to a filter or the user deleting all their maps.

You will now notice that:

  • Importing beatmaps will now switch to the correct game mode
  • Deleting all beatmaps will now show a “no maps loaded” placeholder
  • Attempting to start play mode in this state will no longer crash
  • Selecting a beatmap in the playlist will switch to the correct game mode
  • Switching game modes will load a map from that game mode if not already
  • Selecting a difficulty in a different game mode will change your global game mode to match.

While this took quite a bit of time, I think it’s safe to say it was worth it. Not only has performance been improved, but a lot of janky transitions and behaviours have been resolved.

A few more visual changes:

special chat users are highlighted

A new build is up as of Friday, so go check out the full release notes to see what’s new!