published 24 Aug 2017

Coming at ‘ya with some well-cooked (you could even say thoroughly burnt) updates!

coffee hour

Introducing a new podcast, hosted by HappyStick and featuring me on the first episode. This is the result of some discussions we had at Anime Expo where we mutually agreed that there needs to be a better way to get information out from the team to the wider public audience (a lot of people don’t read my blog, the forums, etc.)

Check it out for the latest on lazer and other critical topics.


Import from osu-stable!

Finally, you can bring over your existing beatmap collection to lazer in one simple click… with a few caveats

  • We haven’t done extensive testing on compatibility of older beatmaps, so some may not be loaded correctly.
  • Importing will be a bit slow, mainly due to the concurrent disk operation required to copy all the data across.
  • Even after import, song select will struggle to load initially with a large number of maps. This will of course be optimised in the future.

If you have a lot of maps, I’d highly recommend letting it import some number of maps and then cancelling the task (via the notifications overlay).

osu!catch basics!

Parsing of basic fruits and some wonky display logic. This isn’t in a truly playable state yet, but a lot of the underlying framework has been complete. Working closely with smoogipoo, we have made it possible for taiko, mania and catch to share a great portion of their code (they all display objects in a scrolling fashion, after all)!

Key Bindings

After a huge overhaul, the key binding framework is now in place, with global and per-ruleset support. This comes with a new settings area to assigning bindings, including removing defaults altogether. An interesting thing to note is that this system supports all mouse buttons and wheel actions, so you could now, for instance, toggle chat using an extra mouse button!

osu!direct downloads

Finally, not only can you browse osu!direct but also download new beatmaps! Note that for the time being, this is completely limited to supporters (as it was with stable), but going forward we will be making it partially available to all users to provide better accessibility to all.

local chat echo

No longer do you have to wait for server confirmation before carrying on with typing your next message. One step closer to bringing the full chat experience home!

much more

There have been many new builds released since the last blog post, including plenty I haven’t covered above, so make sure to try things out for yourself! You can check the full changelog history (and download the latest build) here.

daily releases

For the imminent future, we are aiming at doing daily builds (at least on weekdays) to keep the pace high. You can follow our progress via the milestones we create at the start of each day, each correlating to a release at the end of that day. Not sure how long we’ll keep it up, but it seems to be working quite well so far!