Back In Business!

published 09 Apr 2017

Hello guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’m back to set things on track. The main reason for lack of posts is that I have been focusing all my spare time on the osu!lazer project. We are seeing results from this though – it’s progressing forward at very agreeable rate.

Let me try to bring you all up-to-date. We have fortunately had dev meeting posts over the last few months, so while I haven’t been personally posting, we aren’t that far behind.

  • This blog is now jekyll powered. I switched across to HSTS and in the process found out that tumblr doesn’t support SSL on custom domains, so this was a necessary step to maintain compatibility. All said, it’s a much better platform for zero-overhead submissions (I can just commit a markdown post to a git repository and that’s that) so I figure it should allow me to post more often.
  • osu!lazer now has taiko gameplay support! I’ve been working very close with smoogi (who has been focused on taiko for the last month) to ensure we are moving forward in a modular and consistent direction. Although the taiko implementation took longer than we both expected, I believe we have paved a very solid path for future game modes.
  • osu!lazer also has replays, scoreboards, mod select, and much more! If you are interested and haven’t checked it out yet, lazer is available for public consumption already. We are aiming to add a dedicated chat channel in-game for testers to discuss the game in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.
  • The flow of featured artists will continue. We have a few large collections of songs that are almost ready to make public, so keep an eye on the featured artists page if you are a mapper, or let your mapping friends know. We are very serious about getting 100% licenced music and need your help to have amazing maps made for the music we acquire.

I plan on doing consistent ask-me-anything posts on this blog again, as questions pile up. If you have any questions you would like me to answer and think that your question is one that many people would like to see an answer to, simply tweet or email me with hashtag #amapeppy and I will include the question and answer in my next AMA blog post.

I know recently I may have been a bit quiet on the public communications side of things, but I am spending every second possible of my life working on the future of osu!, so please stay tuned and be patient as we develop some amaze for you guys!