20150603 /transparency/

published 03 Jun 2015

In 2007 when I first started publicly releasing osu!, I would release daily changelog updates and daily builds, with hugely visible changes and massive new features. Fast-forward to today, where finding the time and (more importantly) motivation to write a blog post is near impossible.

It’s not that I don’t want to. I just feel my time is beter spent elsewhere. Writing for me is something I enjoy, but it’s also a distraction from the never-ending list of tasks I have floating around my brain. I end up prioritising what to me feels most beneficial to the osu! user base.

But it’s time to take a step back.

In the recent months, there seems to be a group of users trying to destroy the osu! team’s image. They make it seem like we ignore support requests, break the game and are not interested in the community at large. While I could probably address this by meeting these people on their level (reddit seems to be the central campfire for bitching these days), I would rather stay away from such negativity.

At the same time, I want to give myself and the rest of the osu!team a stronger voice. I want to assure the user-base of osu! that we are making forward progress, addressing issues as they arise and in genearl doing a lot behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly that is (intentionally) hidden from players.

I’m going to start updating this blog with shorter posts focusing mostly on what I and the rest of the osu! team are up to on a day-to-day basis. Setting aside around 20 minutes a day to get something posted - even if it is very brief.

  • Updated username changing code to only free up usernames after all other checks have been completed (diallowed usernames etc.).
  • Installed new SSL certificate for *.ppy.sh (old one was expiring in 2 months).
  • Fixed “recent activity” not updating correctly for score events. This broke in a rewrite of the score submission code I completed yesterday.
  • FInished removing all usage of mdb2 in favour of mysqli.
  • Finished integration of a new payment system “¥Coins” which makes it much easier for Japanese users to support osu!.
  • Added a new column to all score tables to store whether a replay is available or not. SHould make things a bit more straightforward than the current system of storing this information in a separate table. Is a step forward to sending this out to the client to allow for more than top50 replays. Adding a single tinyint to the scores tables took a total of 9 hours! For people interested in how I’m doing it with no downtime, this is the answer.
  • Fixed beatmap playcounts not being updated anywhere near as often as they should have. This was actually a really silly one, and also means that our overall playcount (currently sitting at 3 billion) is heavily deflated. Here I was thinking we didn’t grow much recently as the time it took from 1 to 2 billion was the same as from 2 to 3, when in fact it was likely half or less.
  • Continued investigation into ongoing mysql performance issues (I’ll wall-of-text about this after I solve it), this time focusing on network IO. Added some extra config settings to bancho to allow dynamic disabling of the most network-intensive queries. Didn’t help.
  • Created a new monitoring dashboard for real-time monitoring. My default one provides a great overview of the last day, but I needed something I could have up on my second monitor while performing system maintenance or applying what could be breaking-changes.
  • Corrected some issues with username change history storage. This is something I recently added to chain into the ability to change usernames more than once. Coming soon!

Along with these kinds of bulleted lists, I will try to gradually expose more details on things going on behind the scenes that I believe you guys may find interesting. Any suggestions or questions are welcome in the comments section. I will either reply in to your comments or address them in the next day’s post.

Oh, and for those of you that enjoyed my osu!weekly posts focusing on news around the community, make sure you are following along with the osu!weekly news post series. This weekly posting by Tasha has basically replaced what I was trying to do previously.