20150607 /weekends/

published 07 Jun 2015

I spent Saturday deciding whether I should continue daily posting on weekends. Until last year I would work through every weekend as if they didn’t exist, but due to recent changes in my daily life and work style – specifically actually working in an office with other osu! people around rough work hours – I tend to focus my energy into weekdays and give myself a bit of time off on weekends now. Not to say I get nothing done; keeping osu! alive requires constant monitoring of the servers and community. Even when I take a day off, I will spend one or two hours catching up on things, and this number can shoot up like crazy if there are any fires are put out!

I’ll probably touch back on the topic of time management and efficiency many times over the course of this blogging, since I believe it is the most important thing in life. Time is the only truly finite resource to a single human, after all.

I decided it’s best for the longevity of this posting structure that I only do one update each weekend. I will likely focus on a specific story or element of work/osu!/technology which I think may be interesting to you guys, while also sharing anything cool I get up to with my time (because why not!).

This weekend I managed to go to a club to see my favourite DJ-san (Nhato, of course), visited a local festival and spent most of Sunday at a starbucks working through email and fiddling with the username change code that I’ve been working on.

Here’s to a productive week ahead of us!