20150622 /infra/

published 22 Jun 2015

The infrastructure supporting osu! has grown rapidly over the years to keep up with increasing demand. I’ve had quite a few requests to go into detail of how things look behind the scenes from an overall perspective.. so as they say, a picture paints a thousand words:

osu! in a nutshell

Please note that this diagram is heavily simplified. Details like the separation between the old web (osu.ppy.sh) and the new one (store.ppy.sh / jizz.ppy.sh) have been omitted.

I will be focusing on individual areas of the infrastructure over the next blog posts, so let me know what interests you guys the most in the comments.

Over the weekend I was able to meet up with Ballance - long time player and contributor of artwork. We explored the depths of Akihabara and played some Jubeat together (I lost). Nice change of pace!