published 29 Jun 2015

Hello peoples of osu!, and welcome back for another week of ramblings. Hope you had a great weekend. It’s going to be another long week!

Continuing work on the draw hierarchy means I’m spending all my free time focusing on math. Math tires my brain like nothing else, so don’t expect too much by way of long posts until things settle (although I plan on attempting to explain the main issues I am working to solve in a technical post tomorrow)!

Breaking osu! in fun new ways, every day.

With that out of the way, let me touch with why I haven’t done a coding stream yet, even though I keep saying I will:

  • I know you guys say you want to watch no matter how boring I think what I am doing is, but honestly, the restructuring I’m doing right now means I regularly sit staring at the screen doing nothing for 10 minutes at a time, or am writing notes on paper to try and figure things out.

  • The code I’m currently working with isn’t exactly something I’m proud of. It’s a clusterfuck of hacks that work perfectly at a high level, but internally feel really clumsy. I feel cautious to share such code on my stream because it doesn’t set a good example.

  • I’m not really in an environment which I can use a microphone to talk while streaming. People around me can be quite noisy and I don’t want to capture that in my stream.

  • I have so many interruptions throughout the day which cannot be streamed (like attending to reports of foul-play, fixing ongoing database issues or answering emails) which I need to correctly separate to make sure they aren’t included in the stream. I had this setup well back around the time I was streaming late last year, but have since formatted and lost the degree of separation I want to achieve.

  • With these blog posts, I worry that the overhead of transparency will impede on my productivity. Streaming means dealing with extra social elements which I wouldn’t usually have to worry about. Socialising is tiring for me at times.

Honestly, coding streams work best when I am working on something fresh, rather than fixing bugs or refactoring large portions of code. I have made a mental note to stream next time I’m working on something new.

That said, I really want to stream on a more regular basis. I’ll keep striving to get to the point I can do so!