published 30 Jun 2015

2D math.. harder than you may first expect. At some point you realise it is best to cut your losses and start implementing from scratch, rather than attempting to fix what is at hand. This was that point for me:

(this video isn’t as broken as you might think: everything is working apart from sprite-based text and non-default texture origins)

Today I enlisted the help of Echo as we went through the graphic architecture that I’m attempting to achieve. He came up with a proof-of-concept in javascript which seems to work as we need it to (and moves us closer than ever to a software reimplementation of javascript matrix logic).

In other news, while the osu!store is still in hibernation, our next batch of tablets is scheduled to arrive early tomorrow morning. While I’m not directly accepting the shipment, I am remotely managing communications between the person who is and the customs broker / delivery company. Lots of fun. Needless to say, we lasted a full tablet batch without going completely out of stock, and should also have stock for the foreseeable future. Finally figured that one out :).