published 01 Jul 2015

  • Made some great progress today implementing what I discussed yesterday. osu! is back to rendering as it should, so I don’t have any breakage videos for you today, sorry!

  • I didn’t get around to doing a write-up on the new draw hierarchy – because I was too busy actually implementing it – but it’s planned for tomorrow’s post :).

  • Tablet shipment safely delivered after some confusion and me attempting to remotely guide the delivery man (who has no smartphone with maps) through a neighbourhood I am unfamiliar with using google maps.

Let me take a moment to again make a shout out to the new forums, which are now more-or-less in a working state as far as posting, replying, quoting and consuming. They have been getting daily updates over the last weeks based on feedback, but we aren’t planning on releasing them to the masses until we are 100% sure they are ready.

Starting this week, we moved development focus to other areas of the site, so I’d be very grateful for any feedback on the forums specifically. Anything from usability to performance issues, to anything that’s bugging you which makes them unusable over the old forums for now.

As we don’t currently have somewhere to report issues (until the github repo is opened up), you’re welcome to leave comments on this post or just tweet at me.