published 07 Jul 2015

Today I started to tackle the few remaining areas where our new draw hierarchy was still failing: input and options. In the process, I learnt that osu! currently has almost 400 different unique options in the options menu. That’s quite a lot.

The current options menu is probably also the most advanced UI system in the whole of osu!. How do you guys like it? Are you making use of the search-anything functionality it offers? Do the tabs serve their purpose in allowing quick access to specific options groups?

We we are finally approaching the stage that this branch can be merged into master and pushed to cutting-edge for public testing! All that remains to fix are some gameplay issues (resizing of sprites based on active mods, flashlight overlays, sliders).

This turned out to be quite a huge project, but is a necessary evil to fix before open-source is considered (not to mention a prerequisite for osu!next design implementations!).

I’d show you more videos of breakage, but everything is working as expected ;).