published 10 Jul 2015

Finished the new tournament registration system! Was hoping to release a video of the whole process in action, but the only video I managed to record ends with me not meeting the rank requirements (and getting an error message to the face). Needless to say, it will be live on Monday for everyone to view and test out. Actually, it already is, so if you’re cunning enough you can probably check it out for yourself :).

We also now have the ability to change the letterbox position on cutting-edge builds thanks to Tom94. You are no longer limited to having the osu! “window” area placed in the exact centre of your screen when using letterboxing! Go give it a test on cutting edge and let me know if you would change the letterbox position, or were happy with it being centered.

Thanks again for your questions earlier today on twitter. I will be posting Q&A mid-weekend as per last week, since that worked pretty nicely with my weekly schedule (and means you get 6 posts a week instead of 5).