published 14 Jul 2015

So I’d love to keep you updated with what I’m up to, but quite honestly it’s pretty boring. Basically getting things in place for the next public release, while working in parallel on the new graphics framework to make sure everything is working correctly (we are still having issues with spinners and other gameplay elements, which used to have some weird hacks to display disproportionate to the rest of gameplay objects).

I still have a nice collection of questions from you guys. Since you seem to like those, I’ll keep working through them this week!

@ppy what’ll happen next april fools? :^) –Ch0c0latias

If I told you this, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? To be honest, I’m not even sure what we are going to do. Usually we come up with something the week before, although I can tell you that the osu!coins one was something I had been wanting to do for years :).

@ppy PLEASE UNBAN COO… Oh wait –thecoon324

Coo, the owl from Kirby’s Dreamland 2, right? With pleasure; I love that guy!


@BTRyomegA @ppy Imagine osu! without anime songs ._. –ChekitoChannel

osu! without anime song would probably still be osu!, but without anime songs. The player base would likely be very different, though. It might not have as much of a universal appeal.

@ppy is there any chance of the ability to skip through replays to whatever time we choose in the future? Like revamping the replay viewer [–Crane](http://twitter.com/Crane/statuses/619373188594728960)

This is already kiiind of working, but the ability to reverse is still dodgy (especially on non-osu! modes). With the new graphics framework, we are heading one step in the right direction to fixing it, though!

@ppy Percentage of how close osu!next is to completion? –DeadloxxGT

Design: 80%. Implementation: 5%.

@ppy Some time ago i heard something about you guys trying to fix the issue where if you beat an old score with worse acc you lose pp. Any updates on that? –tokiwalive

It’s still a priority, yes. Once the next public release is out (of the osu! client) I plan on finishing the work required to make this work.

@ppy any news about future livecodings? :P –hugodenizart1

I don’t want to make any promises, but I am still very interested in doing so.

@ppy Will there be special osu!next features only for past and current supporters, or will all of them only be for current supporters? –n2468txd

Only current supporters, unless otherwise specified.

@ppy Not a question: I’ve translated the jizzforum. You can find it in the ppy account on osu repo as a issue (there isnt a fork button) –Miterosan

Nice job. Keep this aside until the source is made open. It should be pretty easy to integrate.

@ppy did you create the load the load the sprites into byte arrays by youself od did you use a libary? –Miterosan

The image files are parsed using .NET methods, where available.

@ppy opinion about Cookiezi? –osuShatterz

Great player; not-so-great role model.

I only put that last question in this post so I can be reddit famous again. Look mummy, I’m on reddit!!

That was a joke. 💩