published 21 Jul 2015

I’m out of office but still working on-the-go this week. Will try to keep up the posting as I go. Here’s some questions I answered but never got around to posting on the weekend!

@ppy If I were to go to Japan would I be allowed to meet you sometime or do you strictly differentiate between virtuality and reality? –WiiPlayer2

I’m always happy to catch up with osu! players! Give me a yell on twitter if you are visiting Tokyo and we’ll sort things out :).

@ppy why pp arent always proportional with the stars difficulty? Also are you proud of how became the osu (throught community) ? –MrDestla

That is a question best for Tom. As far as I’m concerned they should be in parity, but this doesn’t account for the drop-off when you don’t get 100% accuracy.

@ppy What do you think was the hardest thing to add in to the game? –JH23_PL

Was, or is? Honestly, the hardest things to implement are those that require consideration of migrations (features where we need to allow for upgrade paths). For instance, osz2 (the new file format which is still only used in beatmap submission) or huge build changes (.NET 2 -> 4, Direct X to OpenGl etc.).

So basically we’re currently at the pinnacle of difficult implementations! It should get easier from here.

@ppy what kinds of features will be implemented along with the teams? –_iDunno

We’ve given a few sneak peaks of what to expect on osu!next and also on the osu!talk episodes with flyte and myself, so I’m not sure I have anything extra to tell you! The basic idea is to make teams fit a very broad scope, so groups can use them for competitive play or just for getting together and having fun.

@ppy my cursor keeps derping out and going all over the place whenever i play osu! it works fine on any other game/in general. your input? –batmanjammies

Try Raw Input, and play with the sensitivity settings. It may be that you are just doing more drastic movements in osu! when compared to other games, and your sensor can’t keep up, so please try the same movements in windows to make sure it’s not a hardware limitation.

@ppy Any osu! player already recognised you in the streets? If yes how was that moment? –italobechepeche

Has not happened yet.. although I have had people stalk my twitter and join meet-ups with other people unexpectedly.

@ppy When is the new osu! update coming? I REALLY wanna see it, just a demo or something pleeeaase –andr813c

It’s coming when it’s done. Honestly, we don’t even have a demo to show. Keep a watch on osu!next blog and my blog for the latest.

@ppy Are you familiar with the @handmade_hero project by @cmuratori? It is very inspiring and wondered if you had any thoughts? –cjwiet

I’m not… I’ll have to look into that!

@ppy Hello there! I just wanted to know something owo ! The limit of qualified maps is reseted every day at 18:00 ? It’s weird here o: –Secretpipe

At one point it was reset at a certain hour, but now it’s a rolling limit to make things fairer.

@ppy What program you use to record videos? –Repflez

ShareX with puush setup as a custom uploader. It’s great.

@ppy Is there any estimate on when the Linux version is gonna be worked on? –YaLTeRz

After OS X is out and stable we can consider that.

@ppy You think to implement a lan multiplayer option for osu? (Useful for osu! Partys with friends and more pc’s) –sebaex

While there won’t be an offline mode, I do plan on allowing local synchronisation for multiplayer games where all players are on the same local network.