published 30 Jul 2015

Yes, I missed yesterday due to spending far too much time catching up on communications and financials and passing out before I got to posting. These things happen.

Okay, let’s get some information flowing! We are trying our best to get a public release out, but it’s not as simple as we hoped. There are still performance issues with certain users when running the next OpenGL based framework, and none of us are willing to release anything to the masses until it’s guaranteed to work for every user. So where do we stand?

Tomorrow I am puushing out a minor public release. It will start reporting back to us stats about users and their hardware, in a way that we can:

  • Know how many users are going to have issues if we were to push out the new framework.
  • Which users we can contact if we need testing with specific hardware.
  • Focus our efforts on the areas that require the most attention.

For those concerned with privacy, here’s what is sent for my PC:

Once we gather these results, we can begin to tackle the bigger problem of fixing the next release to work flawlessly for everyone. I don’t have a timeline for when this will be done, but we do plan on pushing out any critical fixes to the old stable branch in the mean time as necessary. I also plan to selecvtively push people to the new framework based on their PC specs (in the case we don’t solve every issue) to ensure a smooth roll-out process.