published 11 Aug 2015

Another day spent mostly putting out database fires. Ongoing database migration efforts mean we are dealing with around double the normal system load, which has caused previously fixed performance bottlenecks to rear their ugly heads once again.

While I have not yet had a chance to completely write up the problem, those who have been following from the start will know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure when I will find the effort to fully explain the amount of effort which has been thrown at this particular issue, but it’s safe to say it will continue until we find the cause.

Today I figured our upgrade path from Percona Server 5.6.x to MySQL 5.7.x. Not as straightforward as it could be, due to the official MySQL upgrade process not playing nice with the custom changes that Percona makes to information_schema and performance_schema, but I got it working in the end.

Code changes to accompany the ongoing database migration that will work hand-in-hand to support multiple scores per user per beatmap are still ongoing. Today I fixed some shortcomings which still existed in bancho.