published 14 Aug 2015

Today we managed to merge the OpenGL ES implementation, which brings a compatibility mode for users having no luck with OpenGL. A huge props to smoogi and Tom94 for getting this branch working so quickly and smoothly! If you’re interested in the specifics, make sure to check out this guest post by smoogi.

Even if you weren’t having issues, I’d highly suggest giving cutting-edge another try as performance should be better than ever.

I asked for infrastructure-related questions yesterday but only got one, so let’s answer the unrelated questions as well!

@ppy What OS is running on the osu! Servers? –byteturtle

Web, database, memcache and everything linux run Debian (sid or jessie). Bancho runs Windows Server 2012r2 for maximum .NET performance. There are also some linux VMs running Ubuntu for compatibility with pre-packaged deployments like Sentry.

@ppy Btw, when Osu will be going open-source ? –neskeii

We’re constantly making progress towards the open-source goal. I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations, but my personal goal is “this year”.

@ppy What does “multiple scores per-user-per-beatmap” refer to exactly? Does it affect the pp system in any way? –elim2g

It will mean you can have one score for each mod combination per map. Your highest pp for each beatmap will be taken. This means there’s much less chance that you will lose pp on a particular map due to playing it with a different mod combination and scoring higher.

@ppy Will there be many triangles in osu!next? –Houtarousu

Yes, in some form.

@ppy Will the geki and katu for taiko be removed soon? Since they are totally useless there. –Abrian_MA

On the results screen or? They really need to be removed if they are still displayed, yes.

@ppy Plans for abekobe mod and random mod for taiko? –Abrian_MA

No idea what that is, but I do have plans to add lots of new mods (fun, not score modifiers).