published 18 Aug 2015

Missed a day yesterday as I collapsed in bed so tired I completely forgot I was doing this blogging thing!

Spent the day catching up on the weekend’s email and slack conversations, meeting an osu! player who is going to help out in the near future with expanding our overall search capabilities and going out to see Porter Robinson’s amazing “Worlds” live tour.

Still playing the catch-up game today, working through the list of outstanding pull-requests as we get closer and closer to the next public release. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to give cutting-edge a try - performance is getting better by the day! If you aren’t getting better performance than on the stable release stream, you should definitely let us know (in #cuttingedge on slack) so we can follow up with you personally and set things right.

Personally I’m seeing a gain of 10% over DirectX on stable. Nothing huge, but it’s an improvement over what we had, which is what matters.