published 20 Aug 2015

Was in bed with a fever yesterday. All the muscles in my body were in pain and I honestly didn’t get much done. Quite rare for me, but these things happen!

Caught up today late into the night:

  • Finally seem to have figured out the cause of our master DB instance hitting a performance wall! The culprit is looking to be related to the sheer number of connections we are servicing per second (in excess of 800 at peak). Have a few potential solutions which I started preparing for testing today. More to come after I actually test them.
  • Finally getting closer than ever to the next public release (like, an actual one). A few minor bugs left to fix, but thanks to some amazing optimisation effort by Tom94 things are running buttery smooooth.
  • Finally sourced some osu!tablet pens! Should have them stocked on the osu!store for people wanting a spare or replacement after throwing their pens ON THE GROUND. Pricing should be much more reasonable than Amazon (hoping for less than $15 including shipping).

It is now more than ever that we need your feedback on cutting-edge! Report on slack, but make sure to also post in the cutting-edge thread so your feedback is not missed!