published 24 Aug 2015

I somehow managed to miss more than one post last week. Let’s play some more catch-up!

  • Following up on the database performance lead I thought I found last Thursday: after spending Friday working through it, trying to understand what was going on – which ended with us setting up a test KVM environment to replicate DigitalOcean’s – I feel like I have more questions than answers. Safe to say, KVM is adding some weird, magical, invisible overhead to MySQL.
  • I spent a good portion of the weekend and today focused on osu!stream. Turned out Apple changed the way paid app contracts work causing all in-app purchases to suddenly fail! This means I need to redeploy the app. Not such a simple task when you are one year behind SDK changes (some that have seriously broken display and input subsystems). I plan on submitting an update for it this week, along with a full-fledged blog post about the future of osu!stream. Quite a touchy subject for me.
  • There’s some experimental code up on the new forums to make scrolling upwards in threads more pleasant… we hope. Check it out and leave some feedback in the comments.
  • Been trying to track down the cause of some users seeing endless update loops. I could have sworn that the updater was flawless, but alas. If you are experiencing issues with updating, make sure to get on the public slack #cuttingedge channel and highlight the fuck out of me.
  • The osu!mania World Cup is ongoing. Make sure to tune in and see how polished the tournament streaming setup is!