published 26 Aug 2015

What busy times.

  • Had a long discussion about what licences to use when open-sourcing osu!. Currently we are happy with AGPLv3 for the server-side components (stuff specific to osu!), otherwise MIT wherever possible (stuff we want to give out for the good of everyone). The osu! client is still open for discussion; while GPLv3 seems like a great choice, it means we may have issues releasing on iOS, which is something I plan on doing. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how we can get around this (dual-licensing from the beginning? a different license altogether?).
  • Started to delegate more of my accounting work so I can look at figures less and program more.
  • DDoS’d myself with almost 3 gigabits of traffic by creating an infinite update loop on the stable release stream. Not directly my fault (the MySQL GUI I use bugged out and removed a row it shouldn’t have), but still quite amusing. Lucky CloudFlare could save the day, because my servers sure weren’t about to recover.
  • Deployed a new public release with a qualified map warning. Baby steps, but I believe they are in the right direction.
  • Started factoring out the release streams we don’t use from stable and cutting-edge. Basically just cleaning up the garbage, but it feels good.
  • Started the cogs turning to get osu!web open-sourced. Now that we have a license, it should not be far away at all. Please star the repo and follow along if you are at all interested.

Still making good forward progress on the cutting-edge release. Switch if you haven’t already… for your own sake. We need all the feedback we can get (seriously).