published 28 Aug 2015

Finally fixed osu!stream today. It should have been easier than it was, but as I was bypassing using the UIViewController hierarchy for maximum performance, a bit (well, a lot) of hackery was required. I’m not proud of the final code to get it to work, but it does work. Now begins the joys of the Apple approval process. Wish me luck!

Managed to destroy my osu! (PC) dev environment beyond repair. Going to have to clone a fresh copy tomorrow and start from scratch. Honestly not sure how I broke git so badly, but let’s just say submodules are an evil which I’d like to avoid going forward.

We also managed to release osu!web for public consumption today. Please note it is heavily a WIP, and though it may not be visible from the lack of any git history, it’s quite an active project. I will be discussing more about how you can contribute to the project – should you choose to – in future blog posts. Please DO submit issues on GitHub for bugs you find (pull requests work too!). Please DON’T submit issues for things you want to see implemented (we are likely already planning it).

I haven’t done a Q&A post in a while, so let’s make that happen. Tweet me your questions and I’ll answer them sometime this weekend. Oh, and have a good one!