published 02 Sep 2015

Time to change the way you think of performance in osu!. Introducing the new and improved “FPS display”. Which now hides FPS from you when it is doing more harm than good.

We have noticed a lot of users complaining (or praising) improvements in FPS when they are already getting 500fps or more. This is an attempt by me to get you, the users, to understand that FPS improvements offer diminishing returns, and using frame time is not only more correct, but more useful to you.

Now, osu! will hide the FPS from view when it is of no use, instead revealing exactly how much latency is being induced by frame rendering. On top of that, “stutter” or “dropped” frames will now be shown as coloured rectangles. You can finally tell the difference between an overall FPS drop and a single dropped frame. Should be super-helpful!

I did this on a whim today after reading one too many threads complaining about performance. I understand this may cause drama, but genuinely believe this is for the best, and will if anything spark conversation that leads to the general populus having a better understanding of how FPS actually affects gameplay (when above one’s monitor’s refresh rate).

Live on cutting edge for your immediate testing. Feedback welcome.