published 04 Sep 2015

We’re making slow progress on troubleshooting the remaining compatibility problems with OpenGL and the new framework, so I’m taking a different approach as of today. Everything is now in place to push out a new ‘stable40’ branch. We will begin to move people over to it automatically (starting with users with the most powerful hardware) to allow us to troubleshoot issues with smaller groups before pushing it out to users with lower powered systems.

The current ‘stable’ release stream will also be maintained. Users which are automatically switched over will be able to return to the legacy stable release until we are 100% confident in the new release’s compatibility and performance.

Planned release date for the first iteration is Monday next week (my time). Oh, and even if you don’t meet the system requirements, you will also have the option to manually switch over to ‘stable40’. All about giving the user choice and ensuring everyone always has a playable game through this period of migration.

Released two new large bounties today. Hoping to see more of you guys taking these up! I see it as a complete win-win situation for everyone involved, and really want to push forward with this approach to development!

Best of weekends to you all.