published 07 Sep 2015

Some updates:

  • I was hoping to do a public release today (Monday), but there are still some hard crashes I’d like to be able to handle better before seeding it out to more users.
  • One user reported disk IO being the cause for dropped frames. As a result, we changed the way audio tracks are buffered to ensure there is no disk IO occurring during active playing.
  • Spent some time today removing all GDI text rendering during active playing. This may have been a cause for random spikes for some users, so I’m excited to see whether it helps alleviate issues or not. Please don’t comment on the new font; it will see improvements before going public.

Cutting edge builds are more optimised than ever, so if you’re not already using them, now is the time to try it out.

Also, a thanks to everyone who contributed to osu-web over the weekend. We’re still catching up, but will see to your pull requests as soon as possible (and rewarding of bounty where applicable!).

…How is it September already?