published 08 Sep 2015

Keeping blog pots this week short. A lot of things I want to do, but also plenty of catching-up to be done. Times like this make me want to write less and do more. And try and get some sleep in between all that.

  • Added a message to the options menu which lets users know they are adding input latency when running windowed. Only displays when DWM is enabled and osu! is running in a window.
  • Made some improvements to clarity of the new scoreboard font (thanks to public slack for help with this). Font may still change before release.
  • Went through some more design issues with the next osu!web. I’m still not happy with the legibility of text when reading the forum – I have trouble using it over the old site still – so we are considering changing the font in some places.
  • Fixed some CSRF vulnerabilities on the current website (phpbb, PM and preferences). Thanks to people who report these to me without exploiting them in the process!
  • Added support for real-time reloading of sprites in debug builds of osu!. While I kind of hacked the implementation in, it is planned to be expanded to allow users the same functionality when working on skins eventually. Quite indispensable.
  • Started experimenting with the next osu! theme song (click the circles!). Trying to get the startup animations and voices to feel correct with it is proving harder than expected. Still hoping to get it live with the coming public release.
  • Decided that osu! is no longer going to be called a free-to-play game, due to the heavily negative connotations associated with that term. We are now the biggest free-to-win game out there… if only because no one else uses this term. I think it sounds better.