published 09 Sep 2015

Today I was able to get the new intro song implemented in a way I was happy with. It’s now live on cutting-edge, so go check out @nekodex’s latest amazing take on the original he created years ago!

Did some bug-fixing on the osu!direct panel to fix some race conditions. Hopefully they’ve all been addressed and there will be no more overlapping thumbnails or mispositioned sprites.

Fixed settings migration from stable to cutting-edge in all places it’s possible (there’s one or two which just aren’t going to be possible, but they are minor and I doubt anyone will even notice).

Everything is in place to do a stable release now. The only thing holding me back is the feeling that it’s not 100% ready yet from a compatibility perspective. Even so, I will likely release it tomorrow and we’ll just have all hands on-deck for quick turn-around bug fixing. Really gotta get this build out!

Also, I hear some sausage is publicly accusing us of storing passwords with “bad” encryption. We use industry standard bcrypt everywhere (and have been for years), as you’d expect. Be very careful who and what information you trust, as always!