published 14 Sep 2015

Continuing efforts towards getting the next stable release out. Today was general bug-fixing and netcode improvements. Just to be safe, the new net requests now support automatic retrying for all requests game-wide (we were getting some sporadic TLS failures around once an hour, which this solves). Still some issues present with larger BSS uploads for some, but general bancho connectivity should now be fixed in cases it was performing worse than the old code.

Added an extra filter on the old public release stream to ensure that all users automatically updated to the new stable40 release are English speakers initially. This will help smooth the upgrade process and let us fix remaining issues without worrying about language gaps.

I kind of have a plan to push out the stable40 release tomorrow, should nothing come up. There’s still a few lingering issues to work through, but fingers crossed they should take less than a day to solve (new scoreboard font alignment / bss netcode issues).

Not much interesting to say recently! We have started to move towards embracing c# 6 with all its string interpolation and null-conditional goodness. Also working towards automating code style checks in the CI build process. Just another small piece of the puzzle in the move to open-sourcing the client.

Oh, and for those of you who have contributed to the osu-web project via bounties, we haven’t forgotten about you! If you feel like we have, then please bump your issues. If not, wait patiently and we’ll do our best to give you feedback until your code is merge-able. As the osu-web project is still in early stages, there’s still a lot of large changes going on, which makes handling external contributions a bit slower than I’d like. We’ll work on this.