published 15 Sep 2015

No releases happening today, but some good forward progress. I took to fixing the scoreboard display – which got a recent font overhaul – to display more logically across different multiplayer modes. Team scoreboards now display symmetrically on the sides of the screens, with hit explosions more subtly placed on top of players' avatars, rather than off to the side. There is of course a lot more that could be improved in areas like this, but the huge UI and UX gains will come with the osu!next implementation. Not quite ready for that (and implementing it in small pieces doesn't feel right). Netcode is looking more stable than ever, and errors reported from the latest CE build are at an all time low. Just need to fix a [few lingering issues](http://puu.sh/kc2Bi/e703656e2d.png) and we'll be good to go. While fixing up the scoreboard, I decided it was about time we have a testbed for multiplayer games, so I created a complete [multiplayer](http://puu.sh/kc1z6/94d5c619a3.mp4) [simulation](http://puu.sh/kc0Fv/47e735a2e5.mp4). It uses real online players but generated random score increases (that *almost* make sense from a scoring perspective) to allow for testing multiplayer matches and result screens. Should help a lot with debugging, going forward. In other news, I've decided to start instagram. I'll be posting a photo a day until I run out of photos to post (likely never?). Should be some interesting photos I haven't yet published anywhere, so if you're into that kind of thing then please [follow along](http://instagram.com/__ppy)! Will end up being a stream of life and events in Japan, since that's where I've been for the last few years.

may start posting huge backlog of photos to instagram. what say you?

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