published 21 Sep 2015

Spent today retargeting osu!stream to support iOS 9. Not as straightforward as I hoped (and as always with the apple ecosystem, many hoops to jump through) but it’s done and out of the way. Not sure if anyone here still follows along with osu!stream, but it should be playable again is of later this week. Assuming it makes it through the review process!

What’s the future for osu!stream? I’m still not sure. As it’s a really solid app, abandoning feels wrong. At the same time, I don’t have the hours in a week to maintain both osu! and osu!stream to the level I’d want to – hell, i struggle with just osu!. I have tried to find people on multiple occasions to take over the project and breath some fresh life into it, but it’s hard to find someone with the drive to make things happen.

At some point in the hopefully near future, we will be in the position to release the full-fledged osu! experience on iOS. It is actually already in a state it compiles to the platform, so that may be closer than expected. Until that point, osu!stream is the best (the only?) osu! experience available on iOS, so it’s a real pity that there haven’t been any new map releases in over a year and a half.

If this update goes through without too much hassle, I might spend a bit more time on it, remove the paid bundles and make it a completely free app until something happens otherwise. I feel bad having it make money when I’m not dedicating any time towards it.