published 24 Sep 2015

Missed a day’s blog yesterday, but won’t let that get me down. Things have been a bit slow this week. Picking up pace today with some welcome changes.

The account appeal process has received the start of my planned overhaul. This will bring more conformity to how we collect information from affected users, and allow us to attend to the cases that need more immediate attention better than before.

You can give the form a whirl here (but please don’t actually complete the submission unless you are actually in need of appealing!). Note that in actual usage, a lot of the fields are pre-filled for the user, and it includes an account ownership verification code.

I can’t show you the admin side of things, but take my word that it is feeling better than ever.

To those of you reading this who have previously submitted an appeal which has not been granted yet (and not denied), feel welcome to resubmit your appeal using the new form. Even if you don’t, you will likely receive an email telling you to do so in the near future anyways.

Secondly, I’ve finally found a design I’m happy with to replace my old “ppy” brand logo (and avatar). Have had a stale taste in my mouth with the old logo for quite some time, but it’s taken a while to come up with something that fits the current design climate while also preserving the feel I was going for with the original. Meet the new ppy logo, which you will no doubt get familiar with over the coming years:

Thanks to flyte for the design work.