published 29 Sep 2015

  • Finally got the osu!stream update live, and surprisingly, it’s running perfectly!
  • Battling with my PC, which refuses to run cygwin or msys based applications since the last windows insider updater. May require a format back to stable windows 10 at this rate :(.
  • Working towards offering a recovery path for users which switch to CE (or stable40, once we release it) but crash at startup. osu! should now automatically repair itself back to the old stable stream.
  • This happened yesterday, but I changed the way qualified maps are rate-limited such that there is no longer a daily limit of maps that can be qualified, but rather a limit of maps which are switched to ranked. This should take the stress off Beatmap Nominators trying all day to get their chance at a qualified slot.
  • Working on OWC preparations in the background and while I can’t reveal too much just yet, we have a few awesome changes in store this year for both players and spectators!