published 07 Oct 2015

Hoping to get blog updates back on track starting tomorrow! Have been prioritising productivity over transparency as I’ve had less time than usual to focus on osu! work over the last few days. Still focused on OWC preparations, but a lot of other things have been going on in the background.

  • Added support to bancho for IPv6 location detection (not yet deployed; should happen tomorrow).
  • Made osu! automatically increase the area searched for “Nearby” users where previously none were displayed. Should help those in isolated towns feel a bit less lonely!
  • Cleaned up order history and addresses for the osu!store system to address a long standing issue

You may notice some new changes have gone live on jizz, including profile additions (Recent Activity, Kudosu) and font changes for forum posts to hopefully improve readability.

Things to check out in the community from the last week:

  • Use Lemmmy’s “osu!next Signature Generator” to generate a cool customisable user pane for yourself.
  • Check the two maps featuring cYsmix’s osu! original songs which are already in qualified state here and here! Looking pretty good (but still too early to call any final shots ;).