published 08 Oct 2015

  • More effort sunk into increasing reliability of netcode. Seems like there were some oversights at Microsoft’s end which require manual workarounds to ensure requests don’t block execution. Fixes still aren’t complete yet, so don’t panic if your CE install is running a bit wonky!
  • We decided to move where the “me!” section is displayed in the new osu!web profile pages. I think it makes a bit more sense now.
  • Added a few new bounties on osu!web. More coming, for sure. If you have been watching but haven’t attempted a bounty yet, please let me know why! I want to get as much manpower behind the new web implementation as possible.
  • Made progress on the scoring implementation for OWC. Quite a bit of framework to clean up before it’ll be done, but I’m aiming to have it up for testing by the weekend.
  • Moved some focus back on getting osu! running natively on OS X, as we are having issues with getting the Wine version running at all since the latest El Capitan release. With a bit of luck we should have something promising for you OS X users in the next week or two.