published 12 Oct 2015

Today I was finally able to coax .NET into letting me choose between IPv4 and IPv6 connection methods. This is something I had been trying to do for a while, and was ready to resort to yet another third-party library to do so. Fingers crossed, connectivity issues being experienced on cutting-edge should now be a thing of the past. If you are still experience issues, get on public slack #cuttingedge and prod me until I debug it with you.

Honestly, things are looking quite good with cutting-edge right now, with more people switched over than ever before (around 7.3% of users on CE, with another 4.1% on Beta). May just do a proper stable release this week!

In other news, a few changes have been made to the new multiplayer scoring algorithm:

  • Mod multipliers now affect the whole score (except spinner bonus).
  • HR multiplier increased to 1.1x.
  • DT multiplier increased to 1.2x.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further feedback for the new scoring system.